Scientifically Advanced Athletic Formulated. Chronic™ Athletics CBD powered by the Clear™.


We Truly Care About Your Health, Wellness, and Performance On And Off The Field Of Play!


A good nights rest, recovery time, proper nutrition with healthy foods, and a ready go every-day performance attitude, are important staples for every athlete.  

We understand your athletic needs - body, mind, and spirit, and sometimes the aches, pains and sore muscles that come along with an athletic lifestyle.  Proper physical conditioning, mental clarity, striving for peak performance is all about, achieving your goals with high levels of performance. 

 Our goal is to make your experience better. Adding overall value to your sports experience is our main objective. Passion drives us to bring you the most innovative products we can design and create for your sports and active lifestyle.

 We know a thing or two about making superior quality products. 

Using innovation and science to our advantage in our athletic endeavors, and pursuits daily. 

We are constantly challenging the status quo in everything we do. We create, hand craft and innovate with passion.

Using only the finest materials and manufacturing sources we can provide to bring our superior quality products to life for you. #playon