Our Mission Statement

What drives us? To bring you the most innovative products we can design and create for you. Our goal is to make your experience better. Adding overall value to your outdoor experience is our main objective. #getoutside

Chronic® Mission: To make your overall outdoor experience better. Most importantly adding value to your overall outdoor experience. 

So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro - we want you to enjoy every design advantage possible. So you excel in sport and gain a lifetime of enjoyment. Better performance through innovation. CHRONIC®

We are #habituallyactive and our products are #wickedgood #playon

Our Founder, Jason Pierce, created and built Chronic® from scratch with a philosophical approach. Grounded in a single set of beliefs, along with new creative ideas and an ideal to bring added value to others through innovation and design. 

All from his love and passion for the active sport of skiing, the breathtaking Colorado Rocky Mountains and the beautiful great outdoors. A true passion for innovation is what drove him to begin the journey.

A better experience for others with performance advantages through design is what motivated him. That is what he set out to do and Chronic® was born. 

Coupled with his countless years of expertise, comprehensive training and just plain love of sport and being #habituallyactive in the field daily. 

Combining decades of acquired skills together thereby adding more value to your overall experience through his expertise, passion and creative innovative designs. 

His belief system of adding value built on innovation drives us today and into the future. Chronic® It's a way of life.

We beat out ten top ski companies going head to head with our patent pending Chronic Cambo Technology CCT in 10 different categories to earn the right as an official ski supplier to the 1-157st 10th Mountain Division learn more about The Legacy of the 10th Mountain Division here on NBC'S Today Show.

Chronic® brand is all about lifestyle, quality and innovative goods that last a longtime. Goods that add value to your experience. #wickedgood

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We live it, we love it - day in day out we work to bring you innovative new designs and add overall value to your experience and performance. That's our passion.  Join us today. #habituallyactive

Chronic® lifestyle for everyday. For him For Her #wickedgood

Pick up a board or two and join us today. 


Chronic® brand is all about quality and innovative goods that last a longtime. Goods that add value to your overall experience. #habituallyactive #wickedgood

We are constantly challenging the status quo in everything we do. 

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